Artists, producers and cultural institutions from all over Brazil had a meeting in Maringá this week to discuss cultural sectors specifics and the reality of its production during the First National Forum of Cultural Production in Small and Medium Towns. The event complements 201st itinerant meeting of the National Cultural Incentive Commission (NCIC).

At the opening ceremony, held last Tuesday (07), Sergio Mamberti the Cultural Policies secretary from Culture Ministry(MINC), gave a lecture on National Culture Plan. He talked about the synergy between the proposed debate by the encounter and the present Ministry moment.

In just over an hour, Mamberti presented the work being developed by the Culture Ministry for democratization and access to culture and pointed out the Forum contribution with the Ministry objectives. “Culture must be the Brazilian diversity portrait “, he said.

Including the participants, there were Silvio Barros, as the licensee mayor, Flor Duarte, the Culture Secretary, Edson Pereira, the Memory and Life Museum Institute President, Paulino Viapiana, Paraná Culture Secretary, Henilton Menezes, Promotion and Incentive Culture Secretary. Teacher Celene Tonella, representing “Universidade Estadual de Maringá” (UEM) ,Maringá Univesity State and Wilson Matos, Cesumar headmaster” at Maringá University Centre which honored to Pauline Viapiana and Henilton Menezes secretaries with a sculpture called “Monumento ao Desbravador”.

In his speech, the licensed mayor Silvio Barros thanked the Commissioners and highlighted the Institute work importance, clarifying the legal tax breaks mechanisms provided by Rouanet Law and encouraging businessmen and individuals cultural projects investments, declaring the invitation to host the CNIC, he also aimed to present local culture production quality to the commissioners. “Increasing culture investment, from IMMV work in Maringá and region is exponential,” he said.

For Edson Pereira, IMMV president and the Forum organizer, the Cultural Policies secretary at the opening ceremony is of great importance as a quality indicator in the country cultural background.

“The immense cultural wealth of small and medium-sized municipalities are still being discovered and the Forum has everything to be an important shop window of several of these excellent works. I’m sure this week will be very productive for all “, said Pereira.

Paulino Viapiana, Paraná Culture secretary, praised the initiative and thanked National Cultural Incentive Commission members – CNIC in Maringá.

The projects committee evaluation work, submitted for approval by the Rouanet Law is being done for the first time in a city which is not a capital. Meeting at Commercial and Business Association Maringá Auditorium (Acim) on 07, 08 and 09 days, the commissioners will analyze more than 500 projects from all over Brazil, totaling about 600 million reais.

Henilton Menezes, Culture and Development Promotion secretary reminded those presents about Silvio Barros mayor invitation to the commissioners last year in Brasilia, suggesting one of the itinerary CNIC meetings would occur in Maringá. “The 2012 appointment book was ready for the south meeting being scheduled to take place in Florianópolis, but the plenary decided unanimously to accept the invitation and come to Maringá,” he said. Stating that the initiative will certainly open the itinerant MinC doors into the country. “Contact with the local cultural producers is enriching,” he said.

At the end of the ceremony, political authorities, commissioners and many of the participants went to a Contemporary Theatre the Exhibition at Teatro Marista. The play “Carmen” was on, from Macunaíma / CPT Group and it officially opened the show, performed by “Teatro e Ponto Produções Artísticas”, through Rouanet Culture Incentive Law.


The CNIC calendar has been specially modified to attend Maringá city as the first headquarters the meeting out of Brazilian capital axis. The commission meets together ten times a year in the capitals and it will be in Maringá to evaluate local able projects to integrate Rouanet law. Attended the meeting in Maringá, Flor Duarte who is the secretary of Culture Development and Promotion of Culture, Henilton Menezes and commissioners from CNIC cultural areas. According to Flor Duarte, in the last 4 years Maringá quadrupled every year its participation in cultural incentives. “At least, we doubled the cultural projects approved by the IASB in this period and even triplicated and quadruplicated this capture. Maringá has potential to do even more, “she said.


The 1st National Cultural Production Forum on Small and Medium Towns is an initiative of The “Instituto Memória e Vida” – IMV (The Memory and Life Institute – MLI) along with local cultural institutions. The event has institutional support from Maringá city hall, Paraná Culture departments state , Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul Museums systems state (SEM) and São Paulo (Sisem), Brazilian Institute Museums (IBRAM), National Council of Film Societies Brazilian (CNCB), National Front of Mayors (FNP), Maringá Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Cultural Institute Ingá, State University of Maringá (UEM) and International Festival of Londrina (FILO). Support is from Commercial and Business Association of Maringá (Acim), Maringá University Center (Cesumar), Gol Linhas Aéreas, Sincontábil, Luzamor Foundation, Brazilian Federation of Convention & Visitors Bureau of Paraná, TCCC, Duo, Cineflix Cinemas, The Daily / o diario .com, College Green City (FCV), SESC, GVT and Sanepar. The achievement is of IMMV and Culture Ministry(MINC).


Location: Theatre Calil Haddad (2.500, Luiz Teixeira Mendes Avenue, area 5.)
Day Lecture 10th: Bristol Metropole Hotel ( 462, XV de Novembro avenue , 462, centre)
On Wednesday
August 8th
Lecture – 9 am (duration: 1h30)
Important Project Analysis Aspects submitted to the National Program of Culture Promotion – PRONAC
Hermides de Menezes Steps – General Coordinator of Tax Incentives Project Analysis of the Department of Promotion and Incentive Culture Ministry.
Lecture – 10:30 (duration: 1h30)
Monitoring and Project Evaluation in PRONAC
Odecir Luiz Silver Coast – Monitoring Coordinator and General Secretary of the Evaluation and Development Incentive Culture ministry
Lecture – 14h (duration: 1h30)
Accountability PRONAC Projects
Denise Land Nunes – General Coordinator of Accountability of Culture Ministry.
Lecture – 15:30 (duration: 1h30)
Notices and public funds to finance cultural production
Deborah Aquino – National Arts Foundation (Funarte)
Meeting between the Cultural Sector and the National Commission on Cultural Incentives – 17:30 (duration: up to 3h)
August 9th
table- 8:30 (duration: 2:30 a.m.)
Public and Development Policies
Mediator: Mark Cordiolli – Filmmaker and Advisor to the board of the National Cinema Agency (Ancine).
Members: Gabriel Simões Gobbi – Secretary of Heritage and Urban Development of the City of Ouro Preto
Eloisa Galdino da Silva – Secretary of State of Sergipe Culture
Mauritius Stunitz Cross – Cultural Incentive Coordinator of Paraná Culture Ministry.
Table – 14h (duration: 2h)
Management Institutions and Cultural Projects
Mediator: to be defined
Members: John Paul Marôpo – Cultural Manager, photographer and management team member in archeology Casa Grande Foundation – Memorial Kariri Man.
Marilia Lima – Brazilian Cultural Cooperative president.
Neide Aparecida da Silva – cultural consultant.
Table – 16h (duration: 2h)
Cultural Production Financing
Mediator: to be defined
Members: Orlando Chiqueto Rodrigues Inga Cultural Institute president
Maria Pinheiro Nogueira Lucinaide – Cultural Management, former Commissioner of the CNIC, with experience in the National SESI and the National Confederation of Industry, developing technology advice to companies for investment in cultural projects.
Bernadette Steps – Institutional Literary Festival of Paraty International Relations (FLIP).
August 10th
Lecture – 9 am (duration: 2:30 a.m.)
National Culture System
Margarete Moraes – Culture Representative ministry in the South
More informations(44) 3218-6100 – Culture Department or

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