Prefeito Silvio Barros agradeceu a dedicação e empenho dos parceiros do Natal Ingá - CRÉDITO: Foto: Assessoria de Comunicação/PMM


Silvio Barros, Maringá mayor, participated on Thursday, 30, meeting about Natal Ingá, (Inga Christmas) along with businessmen and Provopar representatives, Associação Comercial de Maringá, (Maringa Commercial Association), Instituto Memória e Vida (Memory and Life Institute); and Maringá e Região Convention & Visitors Bureau. At the meeting, it was presented the way cultural activities Natal Ingá (Inga Christmas) may receive funds, including Rouanet Law.

Orlando Chiqueto Rodrigues, Natal Ingá, (Inga Christmas) president, told that individuals and corporations can deduct part of income tax promoting Christmas festivities: “Deducting rates Maringá and region companies can benefit and contribute with Christmas attractions, by moving the trade and attracting tourists”.
Bernadette Barros, Provopar president, highlighted “Vila do Papai Noel” (Santa Claus Village) to raise charities funds. Natal Ingá, (Inga Christmas), goes beyond the commercial character, since that time several charities projects are benefited by the attractions.”

Silvio Barros Maringá mayor thanked the dedication and commitment from Natal Ingá, (Inga Christmas) partners, and told that as well as the success of Fundo da Infância e Adolescência (Childhood and Adolescence Fund- FIA), businessmen can contribute to cultural attractions for Christmas season: ” Maringá have shown projects solidarity focused on children and youth. Once more with business culture support. ”


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