Usina Santa Terezinha and “Instituto Memória e Vida” – IMV (The Memory and Life Institute – MLI)signed on Wednesday,16 in Maringá city hall, a sponsorship contract to develop the project “Virtual Family Museum”, financed through Law Cultural Incentive. The goal is to create a virtual space for families to keep memories, offering digital content that encourages children and teenagers to preserve family history and society cultural heritage. The contract was signed by Silvio Barros Maringá mayor, Paul Meneguetti, Central president and Edson Pereira, Institute director. Flor Duarte, the Culture Secretary accompanied the signing.The museum will use advanced technologies with a current and innovative language. In practice, the user who visit the museum can identify through membership a number of links, some already known, with people he did not even know to have some relationship. You can access information and digital material provided by other visitors and post pictures and documents linked to family history as it seems interesting to publish into virtual museum.The Museum of Familywill promote patrimonial share education, offered at “Rede Municipal de Ensino” and especially at Iguatemi District. Silvio Barros mayor, thanked the formed partnership, which will allow to protect Maringá and region heritage. “The museum will allow to create a community acquis probably not seen anywhere else in Brazil with the families contribution,” he said.

Edson Pereira, Institute director, said that it is a dream being realized. “Thank you for the opportunity to provide this great contribution to society and Maringá region, fulfilling a dream that we work hard to put into practice. Thanks to partners for believing in dreams that help to transform and allow our region once again be nationally highligted, “he said.
Paul Meneguetti, Planta presidente, said he is returning to the population. “My family is Maringá pionner, came after a dream that was more than we realized. We accepted this challenge as a way to give back to the region all these achievements”, he added.

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