Family Museum


Museu da Família (Museum of Family) is a cultural institution dedicated to preserving the memory and history in the north and northwest of Paraná and develops activities and programs throughout the country. It is as well as a virtual and physical museum, It aims to collect, preserve, interpret, search and display historical, artistic and cultural material. Museum of Family looks for household collection, telling communities stories. Equipped with a powerful digital tool database, Museum of Family is a virtual museum where everyone can have voice and be part of. It works by taking digital photos and document from municipality residents , they get a space on the Internet to store their documents. Together, these documents are enable to be mounted as a virtual type museum dedicated to the memory of the town. This is the largest ongoing memory project in Brazil country.

It is also, Museu da Familia (Museum of Family) achievement, O Primeiro Museu e o Museu na Escola (First Museum and School Museum). The First Museum Program is based on decentralized museums in the country, starting museological processes (physical and virtual) in towns where there are no museums.



The Programa Museu na Escola (Museum School Program) has aimed to heritage school education and the preservation of environment in memory. Using the methodology of virtual museums and social museology, this program provides institutions opportunities to start heritage education using an innovative and inclusive process.



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