Memory and Life Museum Institute – MLMI, Sincontábil – “Contadores de União Maringá” Accountants of Maringá Union, and the City Hall, through “Departamento de Cultura” Culture Department, released on Thursday, 23 at Helio Moreira Auditorium, the Captarte project – Funding Program resources with tax incentives of Rouanet Law for using at cultural projects. This meeting included the presence of Flor Duarte who is the Culture secretary, Edson Pereira, who is the Memory and Life Museum Institute, Orlando Chiqueto, who is Sincontabil director president, Benhur Prado, who is ACIM representative and Marcelo Matos, (YDreams Brazil), who is the meeting speaker. During the event indicators are presented on the creative economy and use the Rouanet Law in Maringá, in addition a memorandum signing of understanding among the Municipality, The “Instituto Memória e Vida” – IMV (The Memory and Life Institute – MLI) and Sincontabil. Flor Duarte, pointed out culture is constantly present in our lives. “Culture is so present that sometimes goes unnoticed, but cultural activities teach us a lot. Emphasizing they have done a considerable investment in cultural activities. But we need more, because the city is growing every day, so there is growing demand. Today we are having the opportunity to change this cultural landscape in our city, bringing more culture to Maringá population “said Mrs Flor Duarte.

Captarte is a program based on building a social network, focused on the incentive and financing creative economy, made up of cultural and economic agents, and the accounting professions in the metropolitan Maringá region.

According to Edson Pereira, who is the MLMI director, the day is very special for the cultural sector. “Today we have released a program in which we will work to raise funds for cultural projects approved by Rouanet Law instruments. Which law will be of utmost importance to our city. So I ask the cooperation of everyone involved for this program to be successful in our city .” This program aims to equip the cultural agents in the dissemination and visibility of their cultural projects, and develop a social responsibility practice in the economic agents by promoting culture, its agents and cultural institutions such as a human development tool.

Orlando Chiqueto, Sincontábil president , highlighted its importance to Maringá. “We have to engage in this project because we managed to get these resources to stay in our city and do not let them go to other poles. With these resources we can create more jobs and generate more incomes. In this way we can further move the economy of our city. The accounting in Maringá has a lot to do for this project, “explained Orlando Chiqueto.

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